Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta

Mercer County Park, West Windsor, NJ
November 8, 2014

Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta is the culmination of the Autumn rowing season in the Northeast. It is a USRowing registered regatta. Medals are awarded in all events. All races are 2000 meters long on the flat, straight, Lake Mercer.

The regatta is sponsored and supported by Pennsylvania Barge Club, #4 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia PA 19130

NOTE: Entries close at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on October 31,2014. New this year: All entries must be submitted online at Entries submitted via email or phone will not be accepted. All rowers and coaches will need to complete the online USRA Waiver to compete at the regatta. Instructions, registration and waiver forms can be found through these links: RegattaCentralWaivers and  USRowingWaiverPortal.

Payment by credit card:
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Paypal are accepted by Regatta Central.

Payment by check or money order:
Make payable to PENNSYLVANIA BARGE CLUB and mail it to
Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta
1514 Hayfield Drive
Yardley, PA 19067-1350.

All inquiries may be made to Mr. Ken Shaw Jr. at, or 215 356 7519

FEES – Eights $110.00,  Fours/Quads $85.00,  Doubles $50.00


  • Lightweight – No rower’s weight may exceed 160 lbs. Men – 130 lbs. Women (There will be no Weigh-in.)
  • High School – Any student currently enrolled in a four year secondary school.
  • Master – Age 27 or older as of Regatta Day.

Note:The Regatta Committee has decided that Master races will be handicapped 2 seconds per year based on boat average age. Age is as of the regatta date. Substitutions for those entered must be made known to the Regatta Committee 24 hours prior to the race.

Limits: There will be six Entries for each Section, each Event is limited in size. Events will fill as entries with proper payment are received. Once an Event is full, additional Entries received will be placed on a waiting list. Notification will be given to all crews whose entries have not been accepted. The Regatta Committee reserves the Right to row Sections according to level of competition in those races with more than six Entries. Winners of all races will be awarded medals.

Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta
November 8, 2014
on MERCER LAKE, Mercer County Park, West Windsor, New Jersey 

(Note: times may change based on number of entries)

1. 8:30 AM Master Women Double

2. 8:35 AM Master Men Double

3. 8:40 AM High School Women Double

4. 8:45 AM High School Men Double

5. 8:50 AM Open Women Double

6. 8:55 AM Open Men Double

7. 9:00 – 9:21 AM High School Women Four

8. 9:28 – 10.03 AM High School Men Four

9. 10:10 – 10:31 AM College Women F/N Four

10. 10:38 – 10:59 AM College Men F/N Four

11. 11:06 AM College Women Lwt. Four

12. 11:13 AM College Men Lwt. Four

13. 11:20 – 11:35 Am College Women Four

14. 11:42 – 12:03 PM College Men Four

15. 12:10 PM Master Women Quad

16. 12:17 PM Master Men Quad

17. 12:24 PM High School Women Quad

18. 12:31 PM High School Men Quad

19. 12:38 PM Open Women Quad

20. 12:45 PM Open Men Quad

21. 12:52 – 1:20 PM High School Women Eight

22. 1:27 – 2:16 PM High School Men Eight

23. 2:23 – 2:37 PM College Women F/N Eight

24. 2:44 – 3:19 PM College Men F/N Eight

25. 3:26 – 3:33 PM College Men J.V. Eight

26. 3:40 PM College Men Lwt. Eight

27. 3:47 – 4:01 PM College Women Varsity Eight

28. 4:08 – 4:15 PM College Men Varsity Eight

(note times may change based on number of entries)
  1. Race results will be posted at the finish line within minutes after each race. Results will be posted on the Schuylkill Navy web site and at RegattaCentral FrostbiteResults, automatically and continuously throughout the regatta. 

All races will start from stake boats. Prepare your crews.

BOW NUMBERS with proper lane assignment are the responsibility of each organization, or school. Lake Mercer course has lanes 1 to 6.

The Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta name and logo are the property of the Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta. Anyone selling T-shirts or other items using the Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta name or logo will be prosecuted. Any school, alumni organization, etc who uses the Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta name or logo without permission of the Frostbite Regatta Committee will be banned from future Philadelphia Frostbite Regattas.