Rental Contract


This Agreement, governing the rental of the captioned premises (premises or Clubhouse) From the Pennsylvania Barge Club (PBC) is entered into this ________day of _______, 20____, on the terms and conditions set forth below. Intending to be legally bound, the parties agree as follows:

NAME OF RENTER:_______________________


TELEPHONE  NO: (Day)_________________ (Cell)_________________

ORGANIZATION: _________________________    


Date of rental: ____________ Time: from_______ to_________

Type of affair: _____________________________________

Number of people expected: ________

Rental fee: $___________ Deposit: 50% of rental fee $__________

Payment: The above stated deposit shall be paid at signing, Rental fee shall be paid 30 days prior to day of rental. Checks should be made payable to: Pennsylvania Barge Club, and mailed to: Kenneth Shaw, Jr., Treasurer, 1514 Hayfield Drive, Yardley, PA 19067-1350.

The deposit shall cover damage to the premises that arises in any way from the rental covered by this agreement and as security for compliance with all conditions of the rental as set forth in the agreement.

The deposit will be returned to renter by PBC promptly, after inspection following conclusion of the rental, to the extent no damage is found. (Please submit a self-addressed envelope to expedite the return). Renter agrees to reimburse PBC for all costs of repair in excess of the amount of the deposit.

USE OF PREMISES: First floor trophy room and lady’s room, second floor bar room, main room, kitchen, and men’s room. Renter agrees that no one shall be permitted entrance into the boat basement or onto the dock area at any time. Use of outside facilities shall be limited to front porch and upper rear deck. Decorations shall not be taped, tacked or stapled, to wall and ceilings. Front door must be closed at all times.

TIME OF RENTAL: Renter specifically agrees to conclude the event at the time indicated above. One hour beyond this time is permitted for cleanup.

CLEANUP: Renter is responsible for returning the boathouse to the condition it was in, at the time of the rental. Renter is not responsible for mopping floors, however floors shall be swept, decorations removed, all spills cleaned, and all trash and food removed from the premises at the conclusion of the rental. All PBC supplies used by renter, such as dishes and glasses, shall be washed and put away. Trash must be securely tied in plastic bags and placed outside next to the city trash container.

USE OF ALCOHOL ON PREMISES: In entering into this agreement, renter expressly acknowledges that it bears sole responsibility for the consumption of alcohol by guests on the premises during the rental. Renter further expressly agrees and represents that no alcoholic beverages shall be sold on the premises or served to individuals under the age of  21 years. Beer in kegs is prohibited, without the prior written approval of PBC.

CATERING: Pennsylvania Barge Club has a house caterer that must be used for all catered food. Contact:  Chef’s Table Catering, 231 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Phone 215-925-8360, Ed Barranco, cell 215-850-3765,

Renter may provide their own alcoholic beverages.

If, in the sole opinion of a representative of PBC, renter has violated any on the terms of this agreement, this shall be sufficient cause for PBC to terminate the rental immediately, confiscate the deposit, and take such other action as PBC deems appropriate.

CHAPERONE: A Pennsylvania Barge Club representative may be present during the course of the rental.

INDEMNIFICATION: In the event of any damage or injury to any person or property arising in whole or in part from the use of the premises by renter and its guests under this agreement, renter agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless PBC and any member thereof for any liability, costs or loss resulting in whole or in part from such damage or injury. The foregoing indemnification shall apply regardless of any allegation of fault on behalf of a PBC member or representative.

___________________________________________________  Pennsylvania Barge Club                                                Date


Renter                                                                                     Date