Club Rules

House Rules and Regulations

Governing the Interior of
# 4 Boat House Row, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Pennsylvania Barge Club is a significant building in American rowing history, and is designated on the National Register of Historical Places by the U.S. National Park Service.  The Board of Directors of PBC has invested heavily in restoring the building to near-original condition, while upgrading the facilities with modern conveniences.  A paramount objective of the Board is to maintain the building as a showcase of valuable American rowing artifacts, media and documents, and to provide a pleasant, interesting, well-run, clean and organized meeting and event space for members, multiple tenants and renters.  It is in this spirit that the following House Rules have been authorized by the Board.

  • No Smoking in the Building.
  • No Alcoholic Beverages are permitted for anyone under age 21.
  • No Plastic water bottles are permitted.
  • All doors must be kept closed and locked except for entering and exiting.
  • Windows if opened must be shut and locked after use.
  • Animals and unattended children are prohibited.

Common Areas are as Follows:

First Floor Trophy Room
First Floor Board Room
First Floor Ladies Room

Second Floor Meeting Room and Kitchen
Second Floor Pub Room
Second Floor Men’s Room

Restricted Areas are as Follows:

  • Boat Bays: LSCHS & PBC Members
  • Office in the First Floor Trophy Room: PA Center for Adapted Sports
  • Coaches Office on the First Floor: Schuylkill Navy, PBC, LSCHS
  • Pub Room Closet on Second Floor: PBC Members Only
  • Third Floor: PBC Members Only


La Salle College High School (LSCHS)
Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports
Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia
Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta

Tenants Leased Areas:

LSCHS: Boat Bays, Side Yard and First Floor Coaches Office
PA Center for Adapted Sports: First Floor Trophy Room Office
Schuylkill Navy: First Floor Board Room and Coaches Office
Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta: First Floor Board Room

PBC Members:

PBC Individual Members

PBC Corporate Members (currently Aberdeen Global Asset Management)

Meetings and Events Not Taking Place in the Tenant’s Leased Area (other than those regularly-scheduled periodic meetings) Must Be Scheduled (via PBC Website or calling the Club President).

Use of the Common Areas is subject to Rental Charge

Students and Coaches are permitted only in the Tenants Leased Area.  While security key card access to Common Areas will be granted to a limited number of coaches, such access should be limited to emergencies and exceptional situations.  Any non-emergency use of the Common Areas by Students and Coaches must be scheduled and approved in advance, and Students must be closely supervised at all times by Coaches and/or Adult Chaperones.  This includes events sponsored by La Salle Crew and the La Salle Crew Parents Association.

Erging on the Second Floor is permitted only for PBC Members, and only when the ergs are removed immediately after use and returned to the Third Floor for storage.  No ergs may be stored on the Second Floor.

After each pre-approved and authorized use, all Common Areas must be returned as found. That is tables and chairs returned to storage areas, kitchen cleaned, rugs straightened.  Upon completion of a meeting, function, or rental, all equipment, materials, and non-PBC property shall be removed. House must be vacated one hour after scheduled function ends.

Storage of any materials in the Common Areas is prohibited.

No unused food shall be left in the kitchen, refrigerator or Pub room.  All trash must be placed in trash bags, trash cans emptied and taken curbside.  Cleanup is the responsibility of the user.

As PBC has many tenants, playing loud music, other than part of a scheduled event, is prohibited.

Use of all Common Areas must be scheduled: there are no exceptions.

Violation of these rules will result in loss of Common Area privileges or loss of security deposit.

Approved by the Board of Directors: 2/24/2015