Membership Application



After filling out and sending the above online membership form, please print this page, adding signatures, and, along with check, send in mail to the attention of

Pennsylvania Barge Club

Membership Committee,
#4 Kelly Drive  Boathouse Row   Philadelphia, PA

Promise of Membership
I hereby apply for membership in Pennsylvania Barge Club. If elected to membership, I agree to be governed by the provisions of the by-laws and by the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Barge Club including the following:

  1. Provide timely payment of dues prior to use of facilities
  2. Uphold and ensure security by locking doors and windows
  3. Report damage or theft immediately
  4. Use designated log book when rowing
  5. Respect  shell  usage
  6. Report all accidents and boat damage immediately to a Club Officer
  7. Serve on a committee and participate in work parties
  8. Maintain PBC property in clean and orderly fashion
  9. Clean boats after each row
  10. Observe weather conditions and follow Schuylkill  Navy “Rules of the River
  11. Do not use private equipment  without permission
  12. Sign  USRowing waiver and continue to be a current member of US Rowing

I hereby exonerate and hold harmless the Pennsylvania Barge Club, its officers, directors, and members both for myself and those who may take over my affairs from any liability for any injuries to myself, even fatal, which may occur in connection with my activities from the club or at the club as a result of my membership in the club. I further promise to repay the club the cost of repairing or replacing any of its equipment damaged or destroyed as a result of my negligence.

I include $  ______________ as required to accompany this application.

As a sponsor, I agree to review club rules and regulations with the applicant, evaluate their rowing  ability (100 miles), and introduce the new member to the club facilities.


If the applicant is a minor, consent and approval of parent or legal guardian, including acceptance of the above waiver of liability must be given.

I hereby attest that I have read this application and agree to abide by all rules and provisions of the Pennsylvania Barge Club, including acceptance of above waiver of liability. I further affirm that all information given on this application is truthful, to the best of my knowledge.  Additionally I agree to promptly pay membership fees for the category circled and initialed on the accompanying page.

Applicant Signature: ___________________________________
Date:  _____________________________________________

Parent I Legal Guardian Signature: _________________________
Date:  _____________________________________________

Important: All new applicants must be interviewed by at least two members of the membership committee. Their names and sponsors must then appear in the monthly newsletter for review by the general membership. If there are no objections, the applicant will be accepted for membership at the next scheduled membership meeting.